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Myopia Treatment at Bluetree Eyecare

Treating Myopia at Bluetree Eyecare

Our expert doctors provide ongoing care to manage your child’s myopia and limit its progression. Using advanced technology and specialty eyewear, we can preserve their eyesight and avoid potential health issues later in life.


What is Myopia?

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a refractive error in the eye that causes distant objects to appear blurry. This condition occurs when the cornea — or the eye itself — is irregularly shaped. Myopia progresses as children age, which can increase the likelihood of them developing more serious health issues later in their lives. While glasses can correct nearsightedness, they won’t fix the underlying cause of myopia or stop it from developing. Instead, our myopia management program can slow down and even halt your child’s myopia from advancing, leading to healthier eyes and clear sight!


Management Options

We have tried and true myopia management options and cutting-edge technology to help keep your child’s vision on point. Our friendly and experienced team take the time to learn about your child’s eyes, health, and lifestyle to provide customized solutions from a variety of myopia management options.

Why Trust Us for Myopia Treatment?

When you visit Black ROck Vision Center, your child will receive exceptional care from talented, caring doctors who understand just how important your child’s vision is. We’ll tailor our myopia management program to your child’s specific needs while prioritizing their comfort throughout the process. Your child should be able to focus on school, sports, and everything in between, and we’ll make sure they see it all clearly with myopia management.