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Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment at Bluetree Eyecare

Computer Vision Syndrome

Digital screens emit blue light that can cause uncomfortable strain on your eyes. This eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, can lead to headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.


How Blue Light Affects You

Blue light rays are short, high-energy electromagnetic waves that are visible to the human eye. While blue light occurs naturally in the world, our exposure to it has spiked as we have transitioned into the digital era and started using screens for longer periods of time. While there isn’t much peer-reviewed evidence that shows blue light permanently damages your eyes, it does produce uncomfortable strain on the eye muscles, as well as the neck and shoulders.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment & Answers

Bluetree Eyecare offers practical solutions to relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome caused by blue light. We have specialized blue light-blocking lenses and coatings designed specifically to filter and reduce blue light, as well as lenses to reduce glare or improve contrast, so you can stay comfortable during your screen time.


Why Choose Us?

When you visit us at Bluetree Eyecare, our incredible optical staff will curate a wide selection of eyewear to choose from that can give you the perfect blend of style and protection from blue light-induced computer vision syndrome. Our opticians will help you choose from our array of blue light-blocking lenses and coatings to have you looking at screens without eye strain.