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Cataract Treatment at Bluetree Eyecare

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts form when your eyes’ natural lenses become clouded and foggy with age, and sometimes by injury. These lenses are clear at birth, but over time the proteins inside of them break down, resulting in vision loss. Some symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision, objects appearing fuzzy or faded in color, seeing halos around light sources, and difficulty seeing at night. Glasses can temporarily fix your vision, but the only way to fully restore your sight is to remove your cataracts via surgery and replace them with artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs).


We Can Spot Cataracts Early

Since cataracts will continue to impair your vision until they’re removed, the best way to prepare for them is by getting your eyes checked regularly. During a comprehensive eye exam, our doctors can diagnose your cataracts early using our premier technology, even before you start to notice symptoms. The sooner we know if you have cataracts, the sooner we can craft a plan to help you stay on top of your condition.

A Management Plan For You

Our skilled professionals know exactly how to identify and treat cataracts in their various stages of development. We’ll start by finding the right eyewear to adjust your eyes to the changes in your vision. And when you’re ready to take the step towards permanent vision correction, we’ll refer you to our trusted surgical partner for your cataract removal surgery. We’ll co-manage your care with your surgeon, meaning we’ll explain to them everything they need to know about you and your eyes, and follow up with you before and after your surgery!


Why Choose Us

You’re in experienced hands at Bluetree Eyecare. We’re proactive about detecting and managing issues early with our advanced technology, and we’ll make sure you completely understand the changes in your eyes and vision. Whether it’s managing your symptoms with customized eyewear, or co-managing your cataract surgery with our reliable partners, our doctors will always have a comprehensive plan of action to care for you and your eyes.